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Our daughter is a Winx Club Fanatic. Sometimes, she fantasizes that she can also do what the fairies do- like having a power to do something. Isn’t she funny? When I told her that she has the chance to choose a fairy costume, she was super excited and her first choice was this (in the image) Deluxe Girl’s Winx Club Bloom Mermaid Costume. So after a week, the costume has been delivered, but since I wasn’t home when the respected courier deliver it at our place, I just claimed the package at their office.

The unopened package’s image can be found below in the first image (left side), and its content is on the right side- a gorgeous Mermaid Costume. I am so grateful to my generous sponsor for giving me the opportunity to let my daughter try on this beautiful dress.

Bloom Costume

In the image below is my daughter. I ordered for her the size Medium even though I knew it’s a little bit bigger, but you know it is a wise decision than getting the size Small which is already small for her by now. By the way, the store’s sizes are based on clothing size, not the age. To be sure the size fits, measure the body statistics of your child before you order. I truly like this mermaid costume as much my daughter does. In fact, our little girl can’t wait to wear it next month on her friend’s fairy themed birthday party.

Blossom Mermaid Costume

Product Description:

The dress is sleeveless and definitely magnificent, made of 100% polyester, shades of delicate shiny pink, blue, and purple color. The Waist Ruffle and Skirt Ruffle are 100% Nylon. Furthermore, the dress features red sequin details, a Bloom cameo on the front, a pink sequin band with a sheer two-layer blue and pink peplum. Most of all, it comes with a detachable gleaming wings made of plastic sheeting, and a pink organza poof wristlet which is 100% Polyester (wristband) while its flower 100% Nylon.

My daughter is super happy with her new costume. She likes to wear it with or without the wings. She has the plan to wear it as well for this year’s Halloween costume party. See? My turning 6 y. o. (in August) girl is sharing her plans with you guys. Now, I am inviting you to visit the Winx Club website- my sponsor’s site. You can also find them on Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. Feel free to visit their social media links and follow them.  Thank you!

Disclaimer: I received this product as an exchange of my fair and honest review. No other form of compensation was exchanged.

  13 Responses to “Winx Club Costume: The Bloom Mermaid Costume Review”


    It’s a fairy and mermaid in one! What a combination in a costume! ^_^


    Next occasion, you can purchase again another costume. Glad your daughter liked it.


    She looks so cute in the mermaid costume. Nice color combinations too.


    My little girl is also a fan of Winx now. The mermaid costume will probably look good on her.


    The costume is really adorable and it looks expensive!


    My youngest daughter will definitely love this. I just forgot which of the characters is her favorite, I’m sure her costume is likewise available from that store


    my daughter would love this costume! she loves winx too!


    So cute! I wish I would be invited to a costume-themed party so I have an excuse to wear a costume and be a fairy :)


    When I was a kid I used to be a fan of Winx Club too! Nice costume! <3


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