Oct 202014

I remember the time I became sick in a foreign land. The high cost of doctors’ professional fee almost ripped my husband’s wallet. The check-up alone cost $80 and in my case that I underwent a laboratory, another fee of $177 for the 13 tests. Unfortunately, the charges didn’t end there folks, to have the doctor detail you the result of the laboratory it is another $80. The money keeps flowing to the doctor’s pocket! I wish I am a doctor! (wink)

Anyway, to add another medical experience, we went to the LifeLabs Medical Laboratory around Lansdowne where so far the worst laboratory service I ever had in BC. The people were complaining why there’s no signage that they will have the slowest service in town! I waited almost two hours just to get the service that I needed. Horrible! Continue reading »

Sep 262014

When purchasing costly items, whether it would be home appliances, gadgets or even car parts, the buyer must fully know the warranty info of a certain product especially that requires a complicated installation. Why? Mostly companies don’t honor a claim of damaged items caused by improper installation performed by non-professional technicians. Different companies such as auto parts have set their own warranty coverage for their costumers to read before claiming anything, so be cautious with that.

Sep 262014

Today is the most awaited moment for students, parents and teachers as it is officially the start of the proper class. We are so glad that  the school Principal and the staffs worked hard to make things happen which actually get delayed caused by the Teachers’ Strike that took so long to get settled by two parties involved.

On Thursday I had talked to some parents and they were saying that there might be a split class to occur this school year. Well, definitely I didn’t mind about it because plainly I don’t want to think about it yet. I want to wait for the result on the actual date which is today Friday, the official start of the class as the students now have their own respective teacher and a classroom to attend to during school days.  Upon arrival to the school today, this is what I witnessed (image below) crowded and everybody are busy looking for their room and teacher’s name.

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Sep 182014

Are you looking for the dance doctor that would teach you for your wedding dance or simply just for any event? If you are a Santa Monica, California based, there is a dance instructor or choreographer that I knew. His name is John Cassese, a native New Yorker who believes that everyone has the ability to dance. He trained celebrities namely such as Adam Sandler and U2’s the Edge. If you need him, you know what to do, simply reach out.

Sep 182014

After all the horrible news happened around us, like the BC public teachers’ strike, ISIS Issue. Let’s leave those behind our back for a few minutes and let’s move to a GOOD NEWS! Yes, a good news, about the one teacher in Maryland who became a millionaire.

This morning, while I opened the Yahoo site,  I have read in the headlines that a lucky Math teacher named “Sarah Manchester” from Silver Spring, Maryland became the 3rd contestant to win on the Wheel of Fortune for $1 Million dollar grand prize.  What a lucky mom!

After answering these puzzles in the images below, her fortune begins.  Continue reading »