Sep 182014

Are you looking for the dance doctor that would teach you for your wedding dance or simply just for any event? If you are a Santa Monica, California based, there is a dance instructor or choreographer that I knew. His name is John Cassese, a native New Yorker who believes that everyone has the ability to dance. He trained celebrities namely such as Adam Sandler and U2’s the Edge. If you need him, you know what to do, simply reach out.

Sep 182014

After all the horrible news happened around us, like the BC public teachers’ strike, ISIS Issue. Let’s leave those behind our back for a few minutes and let’s move to a GOOD NEWS! Yes, a good news, about the one teacher in Maryland who became a millionaire.

This morning, while I opened the Yahoo site,  I have read in the headlines that a lucky Math teacher named “Sarah Manchester” from Silver Spring, Maryland became the 3rd contestant to win on the Wheel of Fortune for $1 Million dollar grand prize.  What a lucky mom!

After answering these puzzles in the images below, her fortune begins.  Continue reading »

Sep 152014

It was like a music to my ears when I found out that IXL has given me the opportunity to have a year access to their wonderful program - the Math and Language Arts online practice  good for up to two children. I first stumbled this site about 2 years ago when I was searching for an online Math learning tool. I let my son try the free 20 trial questions provided, and fortunately he instantly liked the program and insisted me to subscribe. However, I wasn’t able to do it due to its cost.



What is IXL?

IXL offers vibrant, motivating online practice program for Math and Language Arts available in different International editions for schools and home use. Continue reading »

Sep 052014

Being a mother is not an easy task. It comes with tons of responsibilities and commitments toward the improvement for the entire family, community and for the self.  Based on what I knew, a certain mom here wants to know everything, from performing men’s chores, venturing business matter down to the dirty jobs that even requires soldering iron she wanted to learn. In reality, men and women are created equal, meaning both have the capabilities to handle anything even in the fields of politics and handling higher career positions. Anyway, as for now, this mom here wants to know the basic equipments from Buy Heat Shrink, such as the appropriate usage of plastic tubing, heat shrink cutters and so on. I’ll be able to further explore it from here. I truly find these things interesting!

Sep 022014

As one of the parents who has children being affected by the British Columbia Teachers’ Strike, knowing also that even their first day of the class has been cancelled is so frustrating!

School 2013-2014 ended unpleasantly to students here in BC. Summer Class has cancelled brought by this PUBLIC TEACHERS’ STRIKE. Now the FIRST DAY OF THE SCHOOL 2014-2015 has also been cancelled based on the CTV news channel that I watched last night. Same reason, the issue has not been settled. The public teachers demanded for salary increase and better support for the kids based on what I have discovered through different news media.

Due to this delayed class, the BC government is offering a support to parents of $40-a-day per student 12 year old and under to help with the daycare, etc.  And the registration for this TEMPORARY EDUCATION SUPPORT for PARENTS is now open. You can register their now. On my part, I already did last night for our two kids.

So as a parent, this result will surely keep us so busy. Well, anyway throughout the year I am always busy reinforcing the education of our children. Relying just on the school is not certainly a good idea, especially the class size of the student is so high where the fact is not everybody could get the attention from the teacher. Just visualize the ratio of 1:22, means 1 teacher for 22 students.

To parents who would like to take their kids to different establishments offering  kids’ activities/class there is actually a  lot. To mention some, there’s martial arts, swimming, day camp, arts classes, music, etc.

To end this mother’s rant, good luck to all of us parents particularly in BC.