Apr 232015

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Apr 202015

Is your home patio ready for the lovely sunny outside where you can consider it as your favorite escaping place in summer? Whether sipping up your favorite drink, or reading your newly acquired parenting books while your little ones are dozing, the patio is such a wonderful option. Much more if you have grown trees that shed the entire patio area so you could enjoy the cool breeze.

To fully enjoy the relaxation, below are a few suggested outdoor patio furniture that might give you comfort throughout the precious moment. No matter what type of pavement you have used, bricks, concrete or stones, as long as evenly done these furniture must be fine.


Outdoor loveseat


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Apr 102015

The Best Way to Dry Your Hands

Did you know that the drying method of your hands matters? According to Mark Wilcox, MD, hands that are wet or damp that just washed can still carry bacteria and viruses that won’t be removed until hands are completely dry.

In the Journal of Hospital Infection where the three popular drying methods of hands have been tested, mentioning, jet-air dryer, warm-air dryer, and paper towel, revealed that among the enumerated methods, paper towel is the cleanest choice. Wondering why? Please read the comparison stated below.

Best Way to Dry Hands

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Apr 042015

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