Mar 192015

I have posted earlier the home reading program with a reward system that I exerted for our kids.  Our 7 year old son just completed his 50th book a few days ago, so as what I have promised to them, I am going to give their picked reward once they fulfilled what has been required by the implemented home reading program. They are both so excited for the final day!

We just went to the closest bookstore and purchased the prize for our son. And here he is holding his chosen item.

Home Reading Program


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Mar 152015

Kids' Reading Challenge

At home, I am giving our kids a motivational activity that can heighten their vocabulary knowledge, become a good reader, and as well as to foster good reading habit. Through this home reading program, I believe they can achieve those. The most exciting part here is they can receive their reward once they reach the required number of books to read. Of course, I imposed certain criteria for this program, and everything is stated below.

Criteria in Choosing Book to Read

1.) They must choose books to read according to their level. The higher, the better. – What I meant by higher is like Nancy Drew’s novel that contains many chapters.

2.) No books below their reading capacity or level – Why I am very strict with this is because I noticed that they just pick books like Scholastic intended for kindergarten level or under, and those have only a few words to read.

Criteria in Choosing and Claiming the Reward

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Mar 122015

To protect the data online from dreadful circumstances, backing up is certainly the best solution through a reliable service provider. And I found  lDrive as one of a kind that can handle the backup beyond my expectations regardless of whatever Internet enabled device like a desktop, laptop or smartphones. Security, accuracy and fastness are guaranteed, and most of all they offer affordable value plan for less than $5 dollars per month for 1 TB backup storage which is good enough to start for small consumers. With their awesome features, I think there’s no more way for any online users to lose their data, unless they avoid Cloud Backup and take the risk of vulnerability.

Mar 112015

Has the plan of buying an electric guitar for your children or simply a friend, and you have no idea which one to buy? Then first you must consider the electric guitar buying guide for you to gain some knowledge about it before buying. I know how overwhelming it is when you go inside the store to find that musical instrument and tons of them appear in front of you. You will get confused, especially there are hot deals that are appearing like perfect for you to buy. Therefore, it is really helpful to look for that buying guide or simply ask the knowledgeable store personnel to give you some insights about the product and to save your time.

The electric guitar has various parts that every music player must consider when playing the instrument as each part has its own function. This instrument is also available in a variety of wood types which they refer as tone woods. Above all, the price varies according to several factors.

Mar 092015

Coming to a totally different country, where people have different values, beliefs and cultures is such a tremendous life challenge to face for me in the beginning. Human, naturally, has each strengths and weaknesses regardless what race, ethnicity he/she come from. Basically, our childhood, the experiences, our surroundings, education and how we individually brought up in this world play a significant factor in our lives.

In terms of environment, in the past years where we decided to relocate to a different country – Canada, and almost everything in me started to transform gradually. What I mean by that is my attitude and perceptions in life are turning positive. Of course with the help of my beloved husband. He was there for me throughout gloomy times. I can say that life is not really easy, but once you have great attitudes you can beat every trials easily.

Life in Canada

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