Jul 212014

How to choose the right pickups

I am not an electric guitar expert, nor possessed a talent to play such kind of musical instrument. However, I have some knowledge acquired through research that pickups are the heart of the guitar. Using the right pickups can dramatically improve the sound of such certain instrument, so the best way to bring back to life of your dead or dry sound electric guitar is to replace your pickups. Certainly, the guitar experts will help you determine what are the right pickups for your guitar.

Jul 152014

Are you excited for this back to school tech-style giveaway? Remember folks, it has 21 lucky winners, so not only 2 or 3! You better grab your chances of winning now by joining in this giveaway, who knows, you’ll be the lucky one among those lucky individuals.

Summer is here, but pretty soon it will be over and the kids will be back to its usual daily routine as a student. Definitely, the prices here are very useful or the students. So what are you waiting guys? Let the ball start rolling now!  Continue reading »

Jul 042014

Our daughter is a Winx Club Fanatic. Sometimes, she fantasizes that she can also do what the fairies do- like having a power to do something. Isn’t she funny? When I told her that she has the chance to choose a fairy costume, she was super excited and her first choice was this (in the image) Deluxe Girl’s Winx Club Bloom Mermaid Costume. So after a week, the costume has been delivered, but since I wasn’t home when the respected courier deliver it at our place, I just claimed the package at their office.

The unopened package’s image can be found below in the first image (left side), and its content is on the right side- a gorgeous Mermaid Costume. I am so grateful to my generous sponsor for giving me the opportunity to let my daughter try on this beautiful dress.

Bloom Costume

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