Nov 202014

We introduced a stringed instrument to our son when he was about 2 and a half year old, and it was a soprano ukulele. Until now it is fresh in my mind that he was having fun strumming with his instrument, but unfortunately it did not last quite a long time as he broke it.  Soprano ukuleles are not that expensive compared to other stringed instruments so my wallet did not feel that much pain for son breaking it. As I looked online while ago, I found several displays of ukuleles and there are also tenor kind. The store is currently on sale and it seems it’s now the right time to shop for Christmas gifts. Well, what do you think folks?

Nov 192014

Taking on Simple Home Projects on Your Own

If you are like so many others, your budget is tight. What with the economy in turmoil and prices that keep going up, you’ve learned that you need to do anything possible to stretch a dollar. One of the best ways to put less of a strain on your budget is with do-it-yourself projects around the home. You may still need a contractor for the big jobs, but you can handle the simple jobs on your own. With a little know-how and preparation, you’ll have the satisfaction of a job well done at a fraction of the price.

Do It Yourself Projects

Give Your Rooms a Makeover

When you’ve decided your décor needs an overhaul, you don’t need an interior decorator. Start out simple with a fresh coat of paint. You won’t believe how those new hues can really brighten the place, breathing new life into your home. When you’re really looking for a bargain, head to the clearance aisle in the paint section at the home improvement store. You’ll find a selection of paints that people didn’t want or that were made in error. It could be exactly what your home needs for a bit of pizazz. Continue reading »

Nov 182014

Do you allow your kids to drink energy drinks? Beware!

I have read an article that reveals the research of energy drinks and its deadly effect especially to young children.

“More than 5,000 cases of people who got sick from energy drinks were reported to U.S. poison control centers between 2010 and 2013, and almost half of those cases were in children who did not realize what they were drinking, according to research that will be presented Monday (Nov. 17) at a meeting of the American Heart Association.”


According to the research, seizures, irregular heart rhythms or dangerously high blood pressure are just some of the serious side effects of energy drink to the body. With response to the kids issue on how they able to acquire the energy drinks, a phrase below is the answer.

“They didn’t go to a store and buy it; they found it in the refrigerator, or left by a parent or an older sibling,” said study co-author Dr. Steven Lipshultz, the pediatrician in chief at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. “

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Nov 122014

If you’ve ever placed an order for a mattress or new couch cushions online, as soon as you hit confirm, your mind probably jumped to wondering “how are they going to get this to me?”

After all, few things we can order are bigger than bedding or furniture. And when traditional materials have been delivered in the past, it has been through heavy-duty pallet delivery, or factory-direct delivery that unloads the items for you.

But with foam, there is much more wiggle room for shipping, which means better prices on shipping costs, and more versatility in where you can have foam delivered and used in your home.

Open-cell foam gets its name because its structure is made up of millions of ruptured “bubbles” called cells. These are all interconnected one way or another, so if you were shrunk down to a speck, you could make your way through the center of an open-cell foam cushion, one end to another, using the connected cells like a maze in childhood puzzle books. Continue reading »

Nov 062014

I don’t know if I am the only parent hearing about the kids complaining of losing their socks or finding a pair that is nowhere to find. Almost every day at home we hear this phrase “I don’t have socks anymore!” or “Have you seen my socks mommy?” Hmmm… Isn’t that so annoying? In my case, it is especially if I just bought socks last week at Walmart.

We were teaching the kids to organize their things. In fact, they have separate basket placed inside the drawer intended only for socks so those things won’t fly away. It is such a disaster looking for the right pair of socks every day.  Continue reading »