Furnished House for Rent Close to Grand Mall Basak Lapu-Lapu City

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Oct 302017

Are you looking for a place to rent in Lapu-Lapu City? We have an available unit for you!

FOR RENT! 2-STOREY PARTLY-FURNISHED TOWNHOUSE located behind Grand Mall, Basak, Lapu-Lapu City Philippines
Slots for free and real money.

House Features:

*3 bedroom house
*1 toilet and bath (ground floor)
* shower (2nd floor)
*All screen windows
*All screen doors
*With terrace/balcony
*With laundry area


3 minutes walk to Basak Grand Mall
3 mins to Pharmacies, ATM’s
10 mins. to Mactan Cebu International/Domestic Airport
8 mins. to beautiful and known beaches and hotel
5 minutes to public market
5 minutes to Church
4 minutes to Mactan Doctor’s Hospital

Rental Term:

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Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

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May 262017

What I have learnt from my continuous self-improvement is that “Don’t be Afraid to Fail.” According to many great renowned successful people, failure is part of the learning journey. If you failed 7 times, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to quit, instead keep going till you achieve whatever is your goal! Yes, it is tough and I know how it feels because I have been there immensely; however, if you give up, especially when you are almost at the edge of the term success you just prove to yourself as a quitter. Don’t quit! It is like when you have the passion to sing but you have a very terrible voice. Basically, there are several strategies how to improve it; taking voice lessons or keep practicing at home are just few examples. In the market, you can buy software music like from http://www.guitarcenter.com/DAW-Software.gc. Therefore, there is always a solution to every tough times where human being has been going through, so there is no reason to quit folks.

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Apr 302017

Thanks God it is now Friday! Well, what do you expect every Friday folks?
Friday Photo



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Spring Finally Sprung

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Apr 012017

I am delighted to utter that spring has finally sprung! It has only one meaning, and that is the warmer temperature has finally arrived. Spring offers enormous activities for my family, particularly my kids. Most importantly, I can breathe lucidly and accomplish things more effortlessly compared to the other season. Life is truly magnificent in spring; I have to make sure that taking my children to music lessons is on the top of to-do-list in Spring like anyone out there who prioritize shopping at http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/fender-starcaster-semi-hollowbody-electric-guitar than anywhere else. How about you, is this season your ideal one to say?

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