Dec 102014

My dearest partner in life in good times and bad has achieved another milestone in his life. In whatever unfulfilled dreams and wishes he has, hopefully one day those would come into reality with all his effort, hard work and prayer.

My husband is a hard-working person. I am so proud of him and I am truly blessed for being part of his existence.

To my husband, I am here always for you honey, despite of my big mouth sometimes due to stress. Don’t worry, I am in-depth study and thorough experiment in dealing such life poisoning bug.  Continue reading »

Nov 262014

Razors will become a part of human beings when the hair starts growing on their body. To the users, light, easy to use, affordable, well-balanced, doubled edge and good quality razors are just among the characteristics they often longed to have for. And without a question, there are tons of companies nowadays that manufacture razors, however, not all can guarantee satisfaction to their clients. To try a different razor such as double edge, fatip might be a good choice. Check online for the products and availability they offer recently.

Nov 252014

Are you in the market for a vehicle but afraid that you will get turned down for a loan? has made this something you no longer have to worry about! This car lot and financing company in one is dedicated to making sure everyone in and around Whitby, Ontario and the greater Durham Region can get into a reasonable vehicle no questions asked.

We have all had those moments of disappointment and frustration when we realized that our credit was just not going to be good enough to secure a reliable vehicle. In this day and age, it is difficult to maintain without transportation at your disposal. Your commute to and from work, shopping trips and even getting your kids to school can all be difficult when you don’t have your own car, but Everyone Can Drive has you covered.  Continue reading »

Nov 202014

We introduced a stringed instrument to our son when he was about 2 and a half year old, and it was a soprano ukulele. Until now it is fresh in my mind that he was having fun strumming with his instrument, but unfortunately it did not last quite a long time as he broke it.  Soprano ukuleles are not that expensive compared to other stringed instruments so my wallet did not feel that much pain for son breaking it. As I looked online while ago, I found several displays of ukuleles and there are also tenor kind. The store is currently on sale and it seems it’s now the right time to shop for Christmas gifts. Well, what do you think folks?

Nov 192014

Taking on Simple Home Projects on Your Own

If you are like so many others, your budget is tight. What with the economy in turmoil and prices that keep going up, you’ve learned that you need to do anything possible to stretch a dollar. One of the best ways to put less of a strain on your budget is with do-it-yourself projects around the home. You may still need a contractor for the big jobs, but you can handle the simple jobs on your own. With a little know-how and preparation, you’ll have the satisfaction of a job well done at a fraction of the price.

Do It Yourself Projects

Give Your Rooms a Makeover

When you’ve decided your décor needs an overhaul, you don’t need an interior decorator. Start out simple with a fresh coat of paint. You won’t believe how those new hues can really brighten the place, breathing new life into your home. When you’re really looking for a bargain, head to the clearance aisle in the paint section at the home improvement store. You’ll find a selection of paints that people didn’t want or that were made in error. It could be exactly what your home needs for a bit of pizazz. Continue reading »