Apr 212014

On the weekend was a busy moment for us. Time management is really the key to be able to accomplish everything smoothly and quickly. From the church, kids’ activities, household chores, etc., then to the park for a family recreational activity. How I wish things will always turn very well as we are expected and wanted to be in the end.

As what I have uttered we went to the park- our usual place we used to visit during a very good weather because primarily it is free. There we can go picnic, play all day and make fun of life to the fullest with our children. As for son and dad moment, I captured a few images found below while they are playing soccer. The soccer game is one of our son’s favorite games that he would like to spend all day playing in the field.  Continue reading »

Apr 112014

Finally spring has sprung and we can see now more sunshine than the rain. Isn’t that fantastic? Well, our children are so happy with this new season because they can spend now more at outdoor than the indoor where they used to do during the winter time.


The kids are  exactly right! In fact, we started enrolling them in activities like swimming, martial arts, and drawing. And speaking of swimming, I purchased some goggles and swim caps yesterday for them to use. Our son is in the Swim Kid 1 and our daughter will be in Salamander as they both stopped their lessons last year as they often get sick due to the weather.

Hopefully the  colds won’t strike at them anymore. We need to make sure that they’re eating healthy, have vitamin supplements taken, wash their hands often and most of all can get plenty of rest.

Apr 082014

Spring is over and spending with those two weeks with the kids was super busy like a bumble bee.  I run errands here and there and seems only during the night was my rest time. Well, do I have the rights to complain? You tell me!

As part of their spring break activity, they joined the Designing the Superhero Cape held at the Library, which I thought at first that they will be the one to make their own everything from scratch, but it wasn’t that way. Instead, the facilitators gave them the half cut of the garbage bag, then let every kid choose the printed Superhero Logo / sketches and have the kids colored, cut it then glued to the cape. Continue reading »