Nov 022012
This year 2012 Halloween was such a memorable time for the kids as they fully experienced British Columbia’s trick or treat for the very first time. For son, they had Halloween school party then after that we headed to the mall for the trick or treat. There were tons of kids as expected with their very supported parents patiently falling in line in every participated stores for the trick or treat. 
For me, at the mall is the safest for the kids to experience the trict or treat. Hubby and I had planned that the kids’ will have also their trick or treating around the building but the kids were so tired already from the mall. In fact, they did not visited all the participating stores but their loot bag and pail loot pail were almost full with candies and chocolates. 

(Above) My two little trick or treaters

 My daughter, she’s enjoying what she’s been doing. While having the activity she wants to eat what she got on her loot bag but I told her not the time yet. lol!

All of a sudden, the pleasant turns into unpleasant. The whines started passing through my ears when boredom hits to my littler trick or treaters. I decided to step out from the mall and go home when I can’t handle the whines anymore. Well, they grasped lots of fishes and as a proof here below. Mind you in the image is for my daughter alone.

So the question is, where are these candies and chocolate now? Hmmmm.. the daddy hide it somewhere in the house and both of them can have a piece only every week.

How was your Halloween folks, did you have fun?

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    These kids never stop to entertain me, every time they suddenly appear beside our window, saying trick or treat. I agree too that the mall is a safe place for the kids to do trick or treat. But of course, at any rate, parents’ supervision or presence must be available always.


    Your kids enjoyed trick or treating ,same with mine .Trick or treat here in my please is safe for kids.The city ,designated a place where all kids can do their trick or treat, booths are lined up for kids to get free candy’s and games.


    your daughter did have a great Halloween experience. nice costume too.


    I like seeing kids getting dressed up in costumes for this activity though I don’t really participate in such. It’s good that you regulate you kid’s sugar intake.


    It’s really cute to see kids in costumes and looks like your kid had a harvest treating and tricking.


    Great tactic of the father for keeping the candies away. Its a nice trick or treat by the way. :D


    Nice kiddie costumes. My kids do celebrate the same as well.


    Wow! Looks like they’ve really enjoyed their trick or treat.


    i’m thinking one of them is thor. what about your daughter? :)


    one of the many western cultures/practices becoming popular and part of the Filipino tradition! plus, who doesn’t love sweets?? haha


    Halloween trick or treating is really a fun activity for children up until they feel the exhaustion of going around…


    Wow that’s really a lot! For me, I enjoyed covering a Halloween Fun Run for kids.. and a cosplay :)


    Uso na rin sa Pinas iyang trick or treats. SM Malls stores participated at saya ng mga bata collecting goodies from the participating outlets. Very colorful pa ang mga costumes nila.


    My kids loved Halloween too! .. as for the candies? it’s been distributed and I think it’s gone now! Lol! great idea what you did! – a week at a time for candies! too strict huh? lol


    what a cute kids! I wish I can bring my niece in a trick or treat event too :D


    My child had his first trick or treat this year at school. Actually, it was also my first time to see an actual trick or treat hahaha. So we both had a great time :)


    Holloween Trick or treat is really fun for the kids… Sayang , I never experience giving that time for my kids…ayaw nila noon pa mga kids sila… now na malaki na, we enjoy watching kids sa mga holloween parties, trick and treat and more…Have fun next year for your kids, Good luck and be blessed always!


    I always like to see kids in costume.. they look happy and fun…

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