Jun 142010
This is my first entry for Mellow Yellow Monday. Actually I wanted to join this meme a long time ago but I just don’t have the chance. So now that I have here I am…

Well, are you wondering what’s on my plate? If you are a Filipino I’m sure you know what are these foods. To mention, unripe mango, salted egg with tomatoes, and the tiny salted shrimps.


So what do you think about the content on my plate? Yucky or yummy?

  4 Responses to “Mellow Yellow Monday #1”


    Welcome to MY Monday!
    The plate looks very colorful. And the portion sizes look healthy.


    hello followed your blog and visiting via MYM,

    my post is up

    have a great week ahead.


    Oh my that looks yummy. Everything there I like. Salted eggs, shrimp and mango. I like your creativity on the theme too. Very well done.


    Nice one to atart with sis. Welcome to MYM.

    My MYM entry. Hope you can come by.

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