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As a mother to two grade schoolers, cooking becomes my daily routine. I admit, I just love to prepare fresh food to my family every single day. You know how exhausting that scenario is, but it is certainly rewarding. As my morning life is busy like a bee, it matches with the foul odor of our entire home due to my cooking. Since we are just living in a small dwelling, so the odor easily spreads out to every corner. I’d like to tell you that I evade using the regular air spray because I can’t handle the very strong odor.

When I found out that LAMPE BERGER PARIS will give me the opportunity to try their products, I felt electrified, especially when knowing that they have the So Neutral fragrance – a kind that deodorizers the air but does not release any scented fragrance. Aside from that, it is also used to adjust intensity of the Home Fragrance if you don’t like so strong odor.

Lampe Berger Home Fragrance Oil


To make the home fragrance work, you need a lamp. This high-end Lamp Berger named Little Flower shown below has filled with the Neutral fragrance before I have it tested in our house, and yes it diffuses the scent. It is so lovely!


Little Flower of Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger Lampe

Product Descriptions

Material: Porcelain

Capacity: 680 ml

Height: 16.5cm

Top: setting in metal

Color: white

What I Love Most: 
  • Extraordinary Design
  • Smoke-Free
  • Compact
  • Easy to Use

I don’t need to worry about the  smoke alarm beeping every time I use it because there is really no smoke coming out. Trust me, no one would not fall in love with this beautiful lamp. I can tell that it is such a perfect gift to  give to women on any occasion.


Lampe Berger Diffuser


How to Use the Lampe Berger?

The image below illustrates how to use it. In just 20 minutes your home will be cleansed and get perfumed.

Lampe Berger- How to Use


About Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger started in 1898 to purify the air in hospitals at that time. Today, with its unique technology, Lampe Berger is mainly used to purify and perfume the unwanted odors from your home when cooking, from pets, smoking and other domestic smells.  Their  collection of wonderful lamps, basic and timeless, ranging from modern and stylish through to limited editions can provide endless choices for users.

Take note, their home fragrance contains Aqua, Fragrance, and 90% Isopropyl alcohol and available in wide selections. Just to mention a few, please refer below:

  • Oriental Dreams
  • Dreams of Fruits
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Pure Dreams
  • Dreams of Freshness


To purchase your Lampe Berger products and start bringing back the freshness of your home, please proceed  to their Website. Don’t forget to visit their Facebook page, follow on Instagram and Twitter to receive more updates.

Disclosure: The products mentioned/shown above were provided to me for free by Lampe Berger Paris for a review/ advertorial purposes.  All opinions are purely  on my own and may differ from others. 

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  16 Responses to “Lampe Berger Works Like Magic in Our Home #LampeBergerCanada”


    Wow, I’ve never tried anything like this. Interesting. Sounds great.


    What a great way to add a fragrance to your home!


    Interesting review. I like to cook with fresh ingredients too, and though I like the odor while cooking, I don’t want i tto stick around forever.


    What an amazing product!! That would be great to use for outdoor events, too. Would love to smell them…why can’t our websites have scratch and sniff?? ha/ha


    This is a great idea, I hate when I walk in my home and I can smell the last meal I cooked. That also means our clothes smell that way too.


    I’m glad there’s no smoke. And you’re right, the lamp would be a great gift idea!


    Nice idea. And I love the porcelain lamp too.


    Interesting way to make your house smell good. I can’t stand smelling the last meal we cooked as well. I have to check this out.


    Dreams of fruits sounds amazing. I always prefer to buy natural when a natural option is available to me. I also LOVE the packaging of these products they look so luxe!


    This looks like a cute way to defuse the home without a bulky item. I love that it’s not scented- that so important to me!


    Wow this looks amazing! I feel like I need one right now haha! Would definitely be a cool gift!!


    Those lamps look neat! I like that it can simply nuetralize the oders in the air. I really need this for my boys closet! ;)


    I love how simple and stylish these look!


    I use a difuser, but it’s not anything like this. This sounds like an awesome product.


    What a unique way to add fragrance to your home. I like that this is more natural than the usual fragrances I find in the stores.


    SWEET! You got me at smoke-free and my home is sure to be odor-free. This is going to come handy here at home especially when my Mom haves fish for breakfast.

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