May 132015

I admit, I used to be a watch collector. Although they were merely inexpensive watches, but they were great collections and worth keeping as I can utter. However, in life there are unpredictable circumstances that are beyond our control, that sometimes we need to let go the things closed to our hearts whether we like it or not. And that is what I did to my watches.

Anyhow, are you a watch collector? So how often do you buy?

Wooden Watch for Men

Recently, I received a Red SandalWood watch from Woodie Specs for a review and I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity as it made me personally attest the craftsmanship of their wood watch. Although I have seen multiple images online of their wood watches, but as you know it is completely different when seeing through pictures than you are handling and feeling every edge of the timepiece. This red sandalwood watch in the image is a handmade analog made with high quality natural red sandalwood from raw materials. When I examined it thoroughly, it is very impressive knowing how refine the entire phase is. Besides, it is very light. I also love the idea of the push-button stainless clasp as I find it so easy to wear and remove. The watch is unquestionably extraordinary!

I definitely love this chic watch. Even though it is designed for men because of the bigger size, however woman can wear it too. Well, I tried putting it on my skinny wrist, but I thought it would look perfect on my husband’s big wrist. All I need to do is to bring it to the jeweler to have it sized for his size because I don’t know how to do it by myself.

Red SandalWood Watch

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