Aug 102014

Just this summer I purchased a piece of swimwear for my daughter for her swimming class. Unfortunately, after  3-5 of machine washing under cold washing cycle together with other clothes, it got ripped off easily. Oh, not good! Maybe I should just hand wash it. Now it is too late for that regrets, and the worst thing is  I have no talent in sewing, because if so I could have done some remedy for it and no need for me to buy a new swimsuit for my daughter.

Kids Swimwear

Since the swimming class goes on, I decided to buy a new swimwear for her. But this time, I chose a different store which is Sport Check. The item was on sale, so I paid about $26 for it including taxes. After the kids’ class I immediately hand wash their swimwear once we get home and hang it outside since still summer and very hot outside. Lesson learned, “not just totally rely on the machine to do all something for you.”