May 012014

Today is a super busy day for me and the kids. We woke up early to visit the walk-in clinic with the hope of we’ll be entertained earlier by the doctor. Our daughter’s ankle has sprained and absolutely we don’t know what the reason was behind. I asked her if what’s really going on and when it happened. Her answer was she fell at The Banff Park during our visit on the 3rd week of April. Hmm… How come I didn’t notice her swollen ankle right away if that’s really the cause?

I just noticed her enlarge ankle the other day, so upon seeing it, I hurriedly grabbed some ice cube and patted it on the swollen part. For me, it’s hard to tell if the sprain is fresh or not. In fact, I able to discover it because she complained about the pain when she walks.

As I have said, I brought our daughter to the walk-in clinic, but talking to the doctor has a very limited time as there are numbers of patients waiting to be served. It’s advisable to make a list of your concerns so there will be no time of thinking inside the clinic. Actually, that clinic is already the 2nd clinic we went to because the first choice was full already, and imagined we arrived there before nine o’clock.

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