Aug 052014

Shopping online for prescription glasses is another comfort brought to us by e-Commerce. However, with the luck of some vital information, especially the PD (Pulillary Distance) -the distance between the center of the eyes, center to center in millimeters, your shopping activity might be hindered. Getting the right measurement of PD is really necessary as every set of prescription lenses has an optical center determined by pupillary distance. But, sadly to say, not all prescriptions imply the PD, so because of this some are having trouble ordering on the Internet just like what happened to me once.

To resolve the case, from the comfort of your home, simply follow the Infographic bellow. There it clearly signifies the proper way on how to measure your Pupillary Distance. You only need the mirror and a millimeter ruler if you will be performing it by yourself. Of course, follow the necessary rules to get the accurate measurement. You can also have your friend measure it for you, simply follow the guidelines found in the Infographic here.  Continue reading »