Dec 292013

porcelain stuff

Since the original humans, people have loved to create and own beautiful things. When it comes to such products, crystal and fine porcelain often top the list. Porcelain was first made in China thousands of years in the past, and lead crystal production began with artisans in Mesopotamia a few thousand years ago. Glass and crystal have been perfected through the years in Europe, and Thomas Frye from East London was the first one to create bone China in the mid-1700s. Today, the popularity of dishes, figurines and other objects made from crystal and porcelain has greatly increased. Most households in the Western World have one or more pieces made from crystal, China or both because of their collector’s value or usefulness in decorating interiors and serving and eating food. Purchased and used all over the world, crystal and porcelain wares are provided by many designers and brand name manufacturers.

These companies and brands advertise their products and sell in specialty stores as well as in larger independent or department stores as well as online with stores like Fine Brand Sales. The advertising is seen on TV, heard on the radio and discovered on ads on the internet with invitations to click and “shop now.” Although tough economic times cause people to purchase less of the quality China and crystal, small and bulk purchases are still made by businesses such as restaurants and individuals. The popularity of these products today ensures that they will be sold well into the future.