Feb 202014


I admit, moving from one home to another is just one of a kind stressful thing to do on earth. From packing to unpacking, and searching a reliable moving company to help you move all your things are just the basic activities that any movers do.

In the infographic shown above, it denotes the numerical data of U.S. households who moved in the year 2010 and the percentage of the U.S. population moves each year. Well, is this 6.7 million of households who moved out doesn’t surprise you at all? As you always know, people move for a lot of reasons, maybe job related or searching for a brighter future in a different City or could be other reasons.

The percentage of the U.S. population who moves each year is 15%, which it says four times the population of Manhattan. Folks, do you have any clue how many really the population of Manhattan is?

Anyway, to the people out there who plan of moving in the future, hopefully they will find a good reliable company with an excellent customer service. A moving company that will stick to their clients to the very end time of their service validity.