Dec 302013

Our 6 year old son is such a funny kid. He doesn’t end up giving us excuses every time I give him food that he doesn’t like. Meal time is such a huge disaster for both of us since then, but I am grateful that he is getting there liking the food that I give him. A little kind of improvement is such a great factor for me. Three times of introducing new food to him is not enough before he will start liking to eat it.  In fact, in some food I spent years already but he still doesn’t like eating it, just example the egg. He hates egg so much. Isn’t that hilarious? Well, no matter how pushy I was for him to gain affection over a certain food if he really doesn’t feel it, he will end up throwing up afterwards. I used my tricks, threats, and bribed him which is not a good thing I know that, but if that’s the only way to let him eat I’ll do it. I will not let him just skip a meal.  Continue reading »