Jul 152014

Are you excited for this back to school tech-style giveaway? Remember folks, it has 21 lucky winners, so not only 2 or 3! You better grab your chances of winning now by joining in this giveaway, who knows, you’ll be the lucky one among those lucky individuals.

Summer is here, but pretty soon it will be over and the kids will be back to its usual daily routine as a student. Definitely, the prices here are very useful or the students. So what are you waiting guys? Let the ball start rolling now!  Continue reading »

Mar 012014

Another giveaway has just begun. February has just ended and there were magnificent things occurred in anyone’s lives, of course that includes myself. Last month was my official come back to blogging after the unexpected incident- losing our home internet for almost a month.  Imagine that long? I made lots of adjustments and it made me juggle my top priorities in life anyway.

So you are excited with this big giveaway guys? Well, I am because there will be 3 winners to be picked by the giveaway hosts. If you want to try your chance to be included among the lucky winners, then join to this Giveaway Now!

And, If you know somebody who is planning for a vacation in Cebu, Philippines, particularly in the City of Lapu-Lapu and still they’re finding a place to live, we have 1 unit furnished house for rent. Please let me know I’ll be right with you.




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