May 212014

It’s My Natal Day!

Today is my natal day! As I continue with my escapade in this ordinary world, I can say that my life is becoming somewhat interesting,  has full of surprises, new challenges and other different spices that makes me feel absolutely alive. Honestly, I never felt like this before.  It seems that as I get older the more I discover something about myself and get realized the true meaning of this life.

To our Heavenly Father – the source of my every strength and the air to breathe in, I am blessed and thankful for giving me the opportunity to experience another year of milestone. It’s truly an honor. And for sending an instrument to me so I could return to His right path, to serve Him more and to learn more about Him is such a great opportunity.

Of course to my wonderful husband- who is always there for me to understand, preach and enlighten my mind whenever I fall in the wrong direction. Hopefully he won’t feel tired with this very significant role in my life. His birthday card and a bouquet of flowers on my birthday certainly made me feel special. Thanks honey. Continue reading »