Mar 072012
The first time I dropped by inside Mister Donut outlet located in Ozamiz I found it impressive. Aside from the cool and inspiring ambiance it is also clean. Plus of course the free Wi-Fi for the internet users. Every time I visit the place together with my daughter I often stop over here to relax after a long walk doing my errands outside.
Here is my daughter enjoying the free internet of Mister Donut. As soon as I open the door this is her phrase ” Mom, please let me borrow your iPhone.” Waaahhh… She’s really smart! She knows that it is the reason why we want to get inside.
The internet addict ( just second to the mother)
Do you think we ordered much? Hmmmm…this is it together with the instant coffee! lol!
Yours truly.
The photo was taken by my daughter.
Thanks for coming by folks. Enjoy your day because you truly deserve it!