Mar 152015

Kids' Reading Challenge

At home, I am giving our kids a motivational activity that can heighten their vocabulary knowledge, become a good reader, and as well as to foster good reading habit. Through this home reading program, I believe they can achieve those. The most exciting part here is they can receive their reward once they reach the required number of books to read. Of course, I imposed certain criteria for this program, and everything is stated below.

Criteria in Choosing Book to Read

1.) They must choose books to read according to their level. The higher, the better. – What I meant by higher is like Nancy Drew’s novel that contains many chapters.

2.) No books below their reading capacity or level – Why I am very strict with this is because I noticed that they just pick books like Scholastic intended for kindergarten level or under, and those have only a few words to read.

Criteria in Choosing and Claiming the Reward

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