Aug 312014

Planning of accessible audio equipment shopping in the future either for  home use or professional use? Shopping with a wide range  and in quality available selections is certainly what every shopper always looks for.  At gutier center, every music lover, professional or just a beginner in the field of music has always something that awaits for.  To name a few, guitar, drums, keyboard, accessible audio equipment, accessories and a lot more. And for your information, the company has been in the business for decades already.  Now, the choice is yours to explore further.


Aug 252014

Our daughter’s new toy- the portable Electronic Keyboard.

Our daughter loves music. She loves to sing Celine Dion and Michael Jackson songs using any masterpiece (like hanger, wood stick) as her microphone despite the absence of the real microphone. hehehe! When she does this, I’ll just smile and enjoy taking video or picture of herself.

Electronic Keyboard

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