Jan 012014

Today is the very first day of the year 2014. First and foremost, my family would like to greet my readers a very Happy New Year 2014!  Cheers everyone!

happy New Year

As the ball keeps rolling towards a new day, I have realized that I need to make major changes in my life or as what they say New Year Resolution.  My 2013 was such a cluttered year. No hiding, I admit that. Therefore, it’s time to clean up that cluttered I made, doing so will surely bring more productivity and success ahead.

New Year with My New Goals

  • Be More Determined and Focused in Details
  •  Earn More Online
  •   Make New Friends
  •   Minimize Window Shopping
  •   Save as Much as Possible
  •   Read More
  •   Learn French Further


After all the experiences I had been through either bad or good, now I am so determined to do what I’d like to do to be the real me and be productive as I can be.