Dec 202014

Every year since our kids started schooling at Nestor Elementary, they are having a yearly Gingerbread house assembly on the month of December prior to their Christmas vacation. It is so much fun for the students. Smaller kids are being assisted by the higher grades and of course there are also volunteered parents who help them.

The parents are paying $4 dollars to the school for the Gingerbread house and that includes icing. However, for the decorations, teachers are advised parents to buy at the store for the kids to use during the assembly time held at the school.

Once the house is assembled, the student takes it home at the end of the day. And guess what our tricky son did? He didn’t decorate all his candies, instead he hid some in his bag compartment because he had the plan of eating those. So tricky! They were prohibited already to eat candies after the tooth problems they both had when they were back home. As you know, the dental cost in Canada is way very expensive. If you don’t have dental insurance, then suffer to pay from your own pocket every dentist visit.  Continue reading »