May 112015

As a mom to two grade schoolers, I thought that the responsibilities to my children, the stressful moments would be diminished as they get older. However, I was certainly wrong with that perception. The fact is, as they get older, they become wiser, they know how to defend themselves, reason out or even opposed to the parents if they thought we us parents are completely wrong or if they don’t like what we have told them to do. Wouldn’t that be sound stressful to you? Well, I think that’s just a package deal in parenting.

Reminiscing the Infanthood

When our babies were newly born, we took so much care of them. From preparation of baby essential supplies, feeding at the middle of the night, changing diapers when they were wet while we were at the beginning of our doze after the long sleepless night. Oh no, life was extremely remarkable and truly treasurable till the end of our lives as parents.

What was your major baby expenses when your kids were infants? Do you still remember? Aren’t diapers, baby formula and clothes? Although it is already 7 years had passed, but it is still bright as crystal in my mind how often we buy the diapers for our children. I admit, I love coupons and much more freebies! It is good to know that there are generous businesses out there who love to give away samples of baby products. I am sure many mothers out there love to open their hands wide and willing to open their doors for the free baby products. Do you know who particularly? Speaking of baby products, please click the banner below to have your free baby products delivered to your door.

This is for Canada and US residents.

Free baby products

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