Dec 282013

wood easel for kidsAfter all the search and canvass of prices, I finally able to take home the easel for the kids. Although not the best style, look or sturdy as I wanted to buy, but it certainly satisfies my needs for the meantime. To last it for a while, maybe about two to three years of life span I will be very grateful enough for the worth. With its original price of $69.00, I only paid $27 including the tax which is I considered a pretty good deal after all the effort I spent for it.

The kids easel I bought is a 3-in-1 style. It comes with a chalk board, whiteboard and a roller paper holder. In the box it also comes with the bins which I find it very useful for the kids’ stuffs like crayons, chalks or whatsoever. This product has a sentimental value to me. Why? Because from the store ( 20 mins walk) I lifted it all the way to home with the kids beside me complaining that I walked too slow. They didn’t just realized how hard for me to walk with a heavy thing on my hand. **Sigh**

Dec 222013

 Living in an apartment has a lot of restrictions. If you have small kids  who unquestionably love to make a mess at all times really needs a strong supervision or a repetitive reminder, or else you as a parent will end up in trouble paying the expense especially the mess on the wall and to the floor. The cost of the paint is not only the issue but the payment of the painting as well. If you will do-it-yourself that’s a different story but still hassles you know.

We have rented apartments back home and we also set the rules for our tenants. Now that we are occupying somebody’s apartment we must also follow the rules. I am pretty sure you know what I meant by this if you are tenanting others property. In connection to this, I can’t post anything on the wall which is a pain in my stomach. If I have kids home lessons, everything must be on the notebook, foldable charts or on a piece of paper. Sometimes no matter how strict or supervised I am with the kids, yet I still saw the markings on the wall with a colored pen or floor with a lot of glue when they do their art works. Think of the scenario with your own kids folks, what can you say?

easel for kids

Now I just realized that I need more props for the kids as we go further with our home lessons. I need a new easel for the kids. I used to have it in the Philippines like the one in the image since hubby brought one from Canada when we were still there. I admit it was very useful though. Recently, I decided to get one like what we had before, however when I looked online, its price surprised me much. The cost of the easel is $179.14 – a sale price. I saw one at Ikea but it’s not sturdy and nice as this, but its price is super low compared to the item I’d like to get.

I am in the canvassing period this week while mostly are on sale. I want 3 in 1, meaning comes with a chalk board, white board and a paper roller with matching holder at the bottoms for the pens and other school supplies. Well, I am crossing my fingers to find a good deal before the year ends.