May 302015

Do you take insurance as an essential factor in life? If you do, then it is good for you and your family. Protection and security are the crucial reasons why people urge to get insurance. Whatever kind of insurance you have or you tend to avail, dental insurance, life, health, disability, etc., once again, they all have the same main benefits –to protect and secure your future as well as your family.

In reality, when you have insurance, of course you have to pay the premiums to get covered in the time you need it. In case you avail your insurance through your employer, still you have to pay the premiums which typically deducted to the salary every paycheck or perhaps once a month, it depends on the employer.

Dental Insurance Benefits

Dental Insurance Saves Us Much Money

Starting two years ago, I can say it was the time we begun benefitting the dental insurance coverage of my husband. He has 2 dental insurance plans which I was so grateful because we have fixed our kids teeth, and of course myself personally after I took dental health for granted. Prevention is way better than cure!

To make the story short, I had my surgery so early this year, the month of January. Due to dental health issues that I had ignored for the past years, a worse case arose and I had no choice except to undergo a surgery. To get specific with, I underwent a gum graft procedure. The said procedure is very expensive for me. It cost us CND $2,000 plus and that’s only the entire upper gums. If we have no dental insurance to cover the cost, I don’t think I could have it done easily. Gratefully, with my husband’s insurance, I had it earlier this year without paying a penny to the dentist as the insurance company did. Despite of the uncomfortable feeling during the procedure and after, for about 3 weeks, in overall I was so much grateful.  Continue reading »