Sep 292015

There are many reasons why you may choose to buy an artificial tree rather than a real one for Christmas. Sometimes it’s due to allergies. Another common motivator is to prevent messy needles falling on the floor. In addition, a fake tree can be a money-saving investment because it can be used year after year. However, in order to get the most value, it’s important to buy a tree that is substantial and well-made. Even an artificial tree will lose its needles if it’s manufactured poorly. Here are some things to look for in a high quality artificial Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas tree shopping

Look for Fullness

Most tree varieties are meant to look full and lush. Inspect the tree you’re thinking of buying to see if it has many branches and needles that cover the tree’s center pole. That is the key. Even when considering trees that are designed with fewer needle tips, the center pole should not be visible. Being able to see a pole in the middle of your Christmas tree is a sure sign that it isn’t real. You are striving for the most life-like appearance possible. Even when buying your tree online, take a close look at photos to examine the fullness of your preferred tree.

Inspect the Stand

Another aspect to consider when you want a high quality Christmas tree is the stand. Stands made of plastic or other flimsy materials will not hold up to repeated use. Even metal stands that are thing or poorly constructed won’t last. So look for a sturdy, substantial metal stand when buying an artificial Christmas tree. Thoughtful additions such as rubber feet to protect flooring is a sure sign of a quality manufactured product. Continue reading »