Nov 262016

Time truly not secretly flies. My children are growing rapidly which I have no way the control in such reality. As time goes by, their wants and aspirations are getting translucent which I think support and guidance are the best actions of parents could do. I admit, I am not a perfect parent and for sure no one is; however, I will do everything right in accordance with my abilities to make my children successful in life. Both of my children have dissimilar traits in many ways, well I guess because they are primarily on opposite gender. My daughter loves music, huge challenges and has the guts to conquer anything just to get what she wants. In contrary, my son prefers easy things, but he loves books and learning new things. Both are different in several ways, but luckily, they are doing tremendous remarks on their school report cards recently in which we are very gratified of. Additionally, in the coming weeks, I will take them to the online music store to glimpse their yearned musical instruments. Right then their music journey begins.