Sep 202015

It’s been a while since I would like to share about my observation to some of the new drivers here in BC but I just got the inspiring time to do so.

BC New Driver

As a new driver who just passed the road test in British Columbia you are required to put the N sign for Novice behind your vehicle before hitting the road. That is for showing other drivers  that you are a beginner. I am pretty sure there’s nothing to be ashamed of being in that level, a novice. The reality is, all old drivers were in that level before they reach to their respective higher status.

My question now is this, why some N drivers improperly placed their N sign on the surface of their car as you can see in the image below? Don’t they really recognize what the letter is  they received from the ICBC office? Come on smart people, you tell me!


BC New Driver


A conversation between me and my husband while we were on the road following a car with N sign behind his car but improperly displayed, so it appears  Z not N.

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