Jun 152015
outdoor plants

Husband and I both love plants. As the summer’s spirit has started drifting in then time to get the balcony ready for the official arrival of summer season. We are just super excited if what life lies this summer.

In BC we have  started feeling the hotness already since last month. I can tell that every year is really different. Last year, as I remember, by spring season like this moment there was a lot of rain pouring into my footsteps while I was taking the kids to school. However, this year is converse and we are happy for the change.  I don’t know about the other people if the feeling is alike.


Getting the Balcony Ready

A few days ago we went to the nearby store to purchase some plants to place to our humble balcony. Our balcony gets life only during summer and the rest of the season it has been neglected. Well, I am pretty sure you know why folks.  Continue reading »