Feb 022015

How to Select and Care for Athletic Shoes

The sneakers that you wear while exercising can make or break a workout. Regardless of the exercise program or regiment, having the right pair of shoes is essential. As you try on athletic shoes, keep the following factors in mind.

How to Select and Care Athletic Shoes

Running shoes versus cross-trainers

If the athletic activity primarily consists of walking or running, choose running shoes. Running shoes are a better choice than walking shoes, as they are designed to last longer and are built for a larger range of foot types. If the athletic activity is focused around a hard surface and involves extensive side-to-side movement, such as kickboxing or weight training, opt for cross-trainers.

Foot type

There are a number of problems that can come about through exercising with the wrong kind of sneakers including early-onset arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and runner’s knee. Look at your shoes to see where you’re applying pressure when you walk. If the top edge is worn, you need to look for sneakers that offer shock absorption. If the top inner edge is worn, you need sneakers that offer motion control or a high level of stability. If the sneakers boast even wear, you should look for a combination of support and cushioning.

Once you have selected a proper athletic shoe, designate that pair of sneakers for exercise use only. Wearing sneakers around town breaks down the support, leaving you lacking when you need it the most. Reserve a different pair to put on when you want something casual for making a trip to the grocery store or picking your kids up from school.

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