Jan 132016

Have you been looking for online instrument store recently? I know majority of online shoppers not just merely shop in any certain website that there is available online. Of course there should be some thorough research if how their service works and what experience others had when they went shopping beforehand. As what they say, not every business is created equal which unquestionably I am agree with. So when it comes to shopping for instrument online, do you have preferred place to go?


Nov 102015

Based on what I have seen to my daughter, she’s very interested in the field of music. To begin that journey, we brought her a piano last year for her to play at home. However, I haven’t officially enrolled her in a music lesson, until last week. And she was delighted about it knowing that someone professional can teach her and equip her with sufficient trainings to reach her potential level. As parents, of course we want our daughter to be a good pianist one day. I don’t have that talent so seeing my daughter possessing such kind is so rewarding and a great pride for us.  Continue reading »

Oct 172015

Holiday OrnamentsHere comes the truth, the most awaited Holiday season is fast approaching. Aren’t you excited about Christmas? How about started putting up your tree with attractive ornaments around it? By this time of the year, many people including my family are already in the lookout for adorable Christmas decorations to beautify the tree in the respective home. We all love to see beautifully decorated Christmas tree, don’t you agree with me? Price is not the hinder as this time we can shop cheap decorations, you just have to do a bit of research. You have the choice to make your own and utilize your being artistic or to avoid hassle, simply just buy from the store.

 Where to Shop Holiday Ornaments

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Oct 172015

Yehey, I finally got a replacement of my 4 year old iPhone 4S – the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It’s been a while though maximizing that phone. Despite of Wind’s discrimination with that unit, yet it survived.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review

Now that I have this Galaxy Note 5, I think I can I can do more while on the go. Folks, I will provide later on  my other blog the features as well as my personal review of this special new baby sponsored by my husband.  Thanks to him anyway!

Telling you, there’s no place to fill in the excitement feeling that I have felt even though from the time I found out that my husband is buying a new phone for both of us. Continue reading »