Jan 012013

Another year had passed and this very first day I am honored to put into words my noteworthy accomplishments in 2012. Although not that many as yours still I am grateful for such unforgettable life of mine. In fact, I found last year as the most memorable year that happened to me since I enter the world of marriage.
Okay, let me start now the in-depth thinking.
  1. I got the travel papers for everybody, kids and myself. No words can express how happy I was on that moment. I cried for joy because at last my family will be together after 5 years. 
  2.  I finish the home renovations on time.
  3.  I personally found new tenants for the apartments in less than a month. I was so lucky because I hired real-estate agents to do that and would compensate them if they will be the one to find clients, but since I was the lucky one who found the two tenants so I gave big thumbs up for myself! Bravo! 
  4. I flew back to Canada with the kids. 
  5.  My family spent together the holidays till the last day of the year. 
  6. Hubby was with me through thick and thin. He always makes my world go round and heart.
  7. I faced the world with coward despite of my health issues and other trials given by God.
  8. The last but not the least, I able to speak to my beloved parents whenever I want to despite of our distance.

 Whew! I am sweating now thinking those moments of my life. Now folks it is your turn to tell me your Noteworthy Accomplishments in 2012.