Mar 282013
Are you fond of playing golf? Golf is an extraordinary sports that not all could afford to play because of its expensive fees that you must pay once decided to get involved. Spending the moment in the warm inviting course is indeed an incredible experience to the players. Plus the more if it is located in an enchanting Highlands mountain plateau, with rugged granite rock cliffs, surrounded with a beautiful lake and the cascading water of the river. Isn’t that beautiful to think of when you are in that particular location folks?

   [photo not mine]

If you are a golf enthusiast I am pretty sure you can’t wait to be in such type of lovely environment. Anyway, are you looking forward into it to step one day? Well, such golf course description is the golf community in highlands NC- the Cullasaja Club. 

I know playing golf is not only a matter of hitting balls to the holes, of course it is also a matter of considering how comfortable you area in the area. Hubby is into playing golf for years now and maybe I could introduce my finds lately in relation to golf subject.