Mar 282013
I believe mostly kids knew the name SpongeBob. It is a known American animated television series being watched by the mass, either child or adult. I simply utter adult because undeniably myself is also a big fan. You can’t blame them as the show makes them laugh. Now, SpongeBob is not only rolling on the television but also in the internet games nowadays. Through the variety of flash games you can see and interact with him on the computer. Perhaps you are wondering if the games are bad for the kids. Well, seems not. But if you think so, I respect it because I know you have your own perception towards this subject.

If you have a kid who loves to cook like my daughter, this cook with spongebob game might amuse her. Honestly, I don’t introduced any games to our children because we as the couple are afraid that they might addicted to it. Well, as what others have said that it is only a matter of supervision. 

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