Dec 082012

I am aware that email marketing has been used for a while by small or big businesses throughout the world. But, what I did not know in email marketing is that you can now purchase list of emails online. Well, I heard buying tweeter followers two years ago but not emails. Maybe I am just way behind the news. It seems I need to pursue my business research activity that has been ceased for a while due to family matters. 
Anyway, I really find it quite impressive knowing that we could buy email lists online for business sales improvement. Who do you think in this business world doesn’t want to double or triple the sales and profit regardless with the nature of business? I believe all wants to. Another factor that impresses me in this strategy is you can reach your prospects directly to their inbox and not as a spam. People hate spammers and so do I.

FYI, Email-Lists has tens of millions of email listing throughout the world in variety of levels of people, meaning, in particular position. Imagine from Vice President position down to the lower level. If you want email list by industries, they have that category too. In email lists nature of service, their price is very competitive even if you want to compare around. Now, if your upcoming business plan is to gather Middle Eastern email lists you have now an idea where to get those from the comfort of your home or office.

Sep 052009

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