Dec 042012
Starting the month of October my son’s French class was having Show and Tell. Each student has to bring something to present and tell in the class what all is about in French language. It sounds very interesting to me as the child would develop his self-confidence to stand and talk in a mass of people. Besides, since it’s a choice of topic/subject, a particular student could learn additional information.
Son’s topic for last month show and tell was parts of the plant in French. He knows already those things in English because it had been tackled during his preschool Science subject in the Philippines. So here is only the French language.
Next week will be another presentation for my son. It is in Science again but the topic is the Nine Planets. When I told him about it he’s very interested and he wants me to print his visual right away. lol! This week will be a busy time for us to make all the preparations. So no fooling round for the kids!