Jul 152013
In the house we have already trained our kids to perform simple household works such as folding clothes, make up their bed, sweep the floor, clean the table every after meals and so on. At their age of 4 and 5 we taught them those things. As things are done repeating, the kids get bored and they often complain.


One time I just heard my son suggesting me to buy a robot so the robot will do the household works not them. As a mom I was surprised if where he got that idea from. It made me impressed how the way he thinks about things.

So what I answered was this, “Daniel, the robot is very expensive. We can’t even afford to buy you a toy how much more those Smart Robot that will perform the work in the house.” But my poor boy added that he will save money for it. Lol! Hmmm… I think he just want to borrow Rosie- the robot who does refill your coffee cup and open the door for you. It made me think now. I think I also need a robot to blog for me. Lol!

Photo credit: flickr.com