Mar 092014

I admit, we still need more furniture for our apartment. Moving from one home to another is very stressful, especially if you have a lot of things to relocate, and I’ve been in the scenario not only three times so I really know. Since we moved to our recent apartment we didn’t buy a lot of stuff right away because we have no plan yet before of staying longer here, but now that we’re clear with our plans, it’s time for us to pursue in getting more furniture. So then it is shopping time! We are hoping that the next time we move it would be our own house.

Last Sunday, the whole family was busy strolling around for the furniture clearance search. First, we visited the furniture wholesaler store in the Maple Ridge named Furniture Clearance Center. In fairness, they have a good quality furniture, and speaking of the price, I could say that they are cheaper compared to the other Canadian furniture stores. We visited a couple of stores after there then we went home thinking the right thing to do, if which is which. Anyway, thanks for dropping by folks I hope you’ll end up with a wonderful weekend!

Jan 012014

Today is the very first day of the year 2014. First and foremost, my family would like to greet my readers a very Happy New Year 2014!  Cheers everyone!

happy New Year

As the ball keeps rolling towards a new day, I have realized that I need to make major changes in my life or as what they say New Year Resolution.  My 2013 was such a cluttered year. No hiding, I admit that. Therefore, it’s time to clean up that cluttered I made, doing so will surely bring more productivity and success ahead.

New Year with My New Goals

  • Be More Determined and Focused in Details
  •  Earn More Online
  •   Make New Friends
  •   Minimize Window Shopping
  •   Save as Much as Possible
  •   Read More
  •   Learn French Further


After all the experiences I had been through either bad or good, now I am so determined to do what I’d like to do to be the real me and be productive as I can be.

Aug 042013
How was your July folks? Was it fruitful as you aspired to?  Now is August and it’s another month to be thankful, cherish and times to work harder than before. Starting this month I have decided to document the good things that happened in the previous month. Never mind the bad ones, it’s better to reminisce those memories that would bring smile on the face than those that make me saddened.

July was a busy month for me. To start detailing the moments I’ll just have deep breaths.

Involving in Canada Day Celebration 

For the first time since the kids arrived here in British Columbia, as a whole family we able to witness how the celebration went in Vancouver. It was such a memorable moment for all of us. Although there were a lot of hiking and long wait at the train station to take us home at midnight as the train was flooded with tons of people inside, still considered as a lot of excitement.

Our One Year Anniversary in British Columbia as One

Me and the kids arrived in BC June 2012 on 18th. It was very remarkable to me as it was the beginning of our family journey as one. For after so many years of waiting to start our life as one family, me, hubby and our two kids. I aspired for so long, at last on July 18th 2013 was our first anniversary, we stick together our lives through tears and joys in life. I am counting more years to come for us. Hubby and I got married on 2006 and blessed with 2 beautiful children but just started last year we spent our lives in the same roof longer than in the past years of marriage. Whew! We made it! Thanks to God for everything. He was so good to us.

Summer Class for Son

It was a learning for me and my son when he had his Math summer class in a different school. I was given a chance to embrace more experiences in this foreign land in terms of their education system.

In-depth WordPress Learning

After years of blogging using Blogger Platform I became determined to have an in-depth learning of Worldpress. I know I have more hurdles to crack and patience to tripled but as long as I am determined to develop my knowledge I know Success won’t be out of my reach. In life, to start is the only hard part but as you are already on that way, everything will be alright. “Just believe in yourself” that’s the most important CAPITAL in LIFE.

Bring to Life the Change Your Life in 7 Days

I felt so blessed I encountered the book of “CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 7 DAYS.” With the courtesy of Coquitlam Public Library I able to excavate the book for 2 weeks. I could say that the book has enriched my mind towards the way I think, solve problems,  handle life as the way it should be, learn the true essence of happiness and of course on how to be bring more money in the pocket.

Hmm.. I rant too much today. I think this is enough for now, but before I say goodbye, I am leaving you this meaningful thought directly from the book I read. Enjoy folks!


Have a pleasant Sunday everyone!

Jan 302010
Today is the best time to say goodbye to month of January. I admit this month is very fruitful for me. I have lot of accomplishments to say. Tomorrow is another start of the journey to make I hope same as this month it will be fruitful too. All these things I am asking from the Heaven above. With all His guidance and blessings.