Jun 102013
Lately people in the house are so exhausted. We will be moving in the few days and we are all preparing for that moment. I am glad the kids play their role as well. Although just a minute thing but they became responsible for the task being assigned to them. Our children are my little helper this time. I am always rushing things from offline to online and I am super duper exhausted!

The good thing is that we’ll be moving only in the same building so no need to use huge moving boxes to accommodate our things. We can take our time to lift things within our means.

The landlord also will show the apartment to the next tenant, so while we are busy transferring things we need to clean up the place. Hubby is busy working so mostly the responsibilities are within my hands. Whew! I know soon we’ll get over with hard times in life- I’m crossing my fingers and have strong faith in God about it.
Sep 172011
I decided to change the old header. I think this new one looks better. Aside from that changes, I had changed also the topic to fashion, lifestyle and business. I don’t like sticking into just one subject because it seems it is hard to fill this blog especially that I am not really a fashionable person. I want to be one of a kind but I don’t feel like writing about it without application. Did you know what I mean? I hope you do.
Jul 022011
Now that I am in a different part of the world, I so feel strange about it. Almost everything is new, from their money unit, their lifestyle, culture and so many others. Since I am already here all I have to do deal with it. Well do I have a choice? Yes, there is, if I wanna go back home. Do you think I wanna do that right now? Hmmm… you make a guess.
Apr 132010
When it comes to lifestyle magazine try to give an eye to LifestyleMagz. You can see there the amazing cat that can give you a very entertaining moment. I just came there and the cute funny cat really made me Smile. How sweet of the cat. LifestyleMagz won’t only entertain us but it also gives us some informative topic especially about traveling to Boracay. You will really learn.