Apr 012017

I am delighted to utter that spring has finally sprung! It has only one meaning, and that is the warmer temperature has finally arrived. Spring offers enormous activities for my family, particularly my kids. Most importantly, I can breathe lucidly and accomplish things more effortlessly compared to the other season. Life is truly magnificent in spring; I have to make sure that taking my children to music lessons is on the top of to-do-list in Spring like anyone out there who prioritize shopping at http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/fender-starcaster-semi-hollowbody-electric-guitar than anywhere else. How about you, is this season your ideal one to say?

Dec 062016

To be frank, absolutely we have no idea how much it cost to fix or replace a damaged laminated floor until we were into the actual scenario where the contractor showed up at our apartment and billed us such tremendous amount of money doing a job in less than an hour.

Due to the leaking fridge, we ended up spending too much money for the floor repairs. We didn’t realized that it caused much floor damaged already in the apartment where we previously lived. The good thing is we learned from that experience, from broken dishwasher because of low quality, cheap fridge, laminated cheap floor being installed by developer. Everything seems cheap except the location which primarily causes the property buyer in paying such huge amount of money. Imagine for 2 bedroom condo cost $460,000 for about 800 sq. ft. size. Continue reading »

Jul 302016

I remembered the very last time I acquired my old glasses from back home 5 years ago. On the day I did my eye examination, exactly the same day I got my powerful eyeglasses. Isn’t it that super-fast? And that eyeglasses became part of my blogging routine through thick or thin throughout the years. Oh, how sweet! I definitely will miss it starting from my new acquisition. However, before I will let it totally move out of my sight, I will humbly reveal its cost. It is only $35 sharp including the frame and the lenses. And yeah, such cost is not new online.

 My New Prescription Glasses

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Aug 252015

Is your current job requires you to stand for a longer hours? Or are you a busy mom who juggles endlessly the household chores in your house while at the same manner taking care of the hyperactive kids?

Works that require several hours of standing can lead to exhausted legs at the end of the day. So to help you alleviate that achy, tired legs at the end of that horrible daily routine, you may try this simple homemade formula – Soy and Rosemary Oil for Tired, Achy Legs.

Homemade Remedy: Soy and Rosemary Oil for Tired, Achy Legs

Little Info of Soybean Oil

It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated acids. It also contains phytosterols and vitamin K. The exceptional feature of creams made from soybean oil is that they leave the skin velvety soft. Moreover, the soybean oil nourishes, moisturizes, and regenerates the skin. Continue reading »