May 252013
Too many people are completely unaware of their rights when it comes to collecting on a workers compensation claim. Others believe that it is some kind of handout and so do not look into the process as deeply as they should. The truth of the matter is that you pay for workers compensation every week with money that gets taken out of your paycheck – there is no free handout.
If you are injured on the job, you deserve every penny that you get until you are able to work again. If you ever need someone to help you find out what your rights are in the process, the Iowa workers compensation lawyer that you can trust is James P. Hoffman. Attorney Hoffman has years of experience that has been dedicated to workers compensation claims. He has faced down the most intimidating companies on behalf of his clients without backing down.
There is nothing better than knowing that you have someone with the experience and the technical know how to get the job done and get you the money that you paid for out of your paycheck. Give Attorney Hoffman a call or an email as soon as you can. The workers compensation process is time sensitive and you need to get in touch with your lawyer ASAP.