Dec 212014

Kids Christmas Gifts?

The kids certainly love Christmas gifts! It seems they are expecting those this generation. Who do you think don’t? Most of them are likely spoiled to it. During my younger days, I rarely get gifts and if I did, I must work hard for it to receive one like doing great in school or helping the parents doing the household chores. Apparently, life was not easy back then. But what about now?

To tell you, regardless of how easy our life would be, my husband and I agreed that our kids must be deserving of the gifts they receive from us. We explained it to them so they must work for it and if they don’t, absolutely no gifts.

For this year 2014 Christmas, I once  asked our two little ones if what Christmas gift they wanted to receive from us. Their simple answer? Please refer to the images below.


Kids Christmas Gifts


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Dec 202014

Every year since our kids started schooling at Nestor Elementary, they are having a yearly Gingerbread house assembly on the month of December prior to their Christmas vacation. It is so much fun for the students. Smaller kids are being assisted by the higher grades and of course there are also volunteered parents who help them.

The parents are paying $4 dollars to the school for the Gingerbread house and that includes icing. However, for the decorations, teachers are advised parents to buy at the store for the kids to use during the assembly time held at the school.

Once the house is assembled, the student takes it home at the end of the day. And guess what our tricky son did? He didn’t decorate all his candies, instead he hid some in his bag compartment because he had the plan of eating those. So tricky! They were prohibited already to eat candies after the tooth problems they both had when they were back home. As you know, the dental cost in Canada is way very expensive. If you don’t have dental insurance, then suffer to pay from your own pocket every dentist visit.  Continue reading »

Nov 202014

We introduced a stringed instrument to our son when he was about 2 and a half year old, and it was a soprano ukulele. Until now it is fresh in my mind that he was having fun strumming with his instrument, but unfortunately it did not last quite a long time as he broke it.  Soprano ukuleles are not that expensive compared to other stringed instruments so my wallet did not feel that much pain for son breaking it. As I looked online while ago, I found several displays of ukuleles and there are also tenor kind. The store is currently on sale and it seems it’s now the right time to shop for Christmas gifts. Well, what do you think folks?

Nov 182014

Do you allow your kids to drink energy drinks? Beware!

I have read an article that reveals the research of energy drinks and its deadly effect especially to young children.

“More than 5,000 cases of people who got sick from energy drinks were reported to U.S. poison control centers between 2010 and 2013, and almost half of those cases were in children who did not realize what they were drinking, according to research that will be presented Monday (Nov. 17) at a meeting of the American Heart Association.”


According to the research, seizures, irregular heart rhythms or dangerously high blood pressure are just some of the serious side effects of energy drink to the body. With response to the kids issue on how they able to acquire the energy drinks, a phrase below is the answer.

“They didn’t go to a store and buy it; they found it in the refrigerator, or left by a parent or an older sibling,” said study co-author Dr. Steven Lipshultz, the pediatrician in chief at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. “

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