Apr 212010
I want my children to learn fast. As I had promised to myself that I’ll give them the best education that they need. They are my life, the reason for me to live on and to work hard. I hope they will become a good follower of Jesus Christ when they grow up. Though, it’s hard to discipline them by myself but I am trying my best. I hope God will be always there for me and give me more power to face my trials in life.

Apr 112010
She’s my little angel waving her hands to the people she just met. How nice of you my lil girl. Are you running for president?

Photo was taken at the beach nearby our home. I am planning to bring them again here soon.

Mar 042010
March is really the start of summer! Hot issues are arising. In our case, with regards to the weather my family is burning with hottest issues. After I got sick then my son follows. Oh, how sad our start of March is. I just hope that soon we could get over with this latest trial.