May 302015

Do you take insurance as an essential factor in life? If you do, then it is good for you and your family. Protection and security are the crucial reasons why people urge to get insurance. Whatever kind of insurance you have or you tend to avail, dental insurance, life, health, disability, etc., once again, they all have the same main benefits –to protect and secure your future as well as your family.

In reality, when you have insurance, of course you have to pay the premiums to get covered in the time you need it. In case you avail your insurance through your employer, still you have to pay the premiums which typically deducted to the salary every paycheck or perhaps once a month, it depends on the employer.

Dental Insurance Benefits

Dental Insurance Saves Us Much Money

Starting two years ago, I can say it was the time we begun benefitting the dental insurance coverage of my husband. He has 2 dental insurance plans which I was so grateful because we have fixed our kids teeth, and of course myself personally after I took dental health for granted. Prevention is way better than cure!

To make the story short, I had my surgery so early this year, the month of January. Due to dental health issues that I had ignored for the past years, a worse case arose and I had no choice except to undergo a surgery. To get specific with, I underwent a gum graft procedure. The said procedure is very expensive for me. It cost us CND $2,000 plus and that’s only the entire upper gums. If we have no dental insurance to cover the cost, I don’t think I could have it done easily. Gratefully, with my husband’s insurance, I had it earlier this year without paying a penny to the dentist as the insurance company did. Despite of the uncomfortable feeling during the procedure and after, for about 3 weeks, in overall I was so much grateful.  Continue reading »

May 022014

If you are residing in the beautiful place of North Carolina and in need to see a health agency for your insurance needs, then you must consider this NC health agency. Whether for health, life insurance or for small group employee benefits you can count on the said agency.

There are several insurance agencies nowadays in the industry as you know, but first thing first choose only those who are reliable and of course licensed to operate such particular business so you can sleep well every night and not to worry about what might happen with your money paid for the premium or if you’ll be taking care of properly when the time come that you need it.

May 022014

As we know, Insurance gives security to our future, to the kids or any family members. If you have insurance, you will have a peace of mind and ready to face the dark side of life waiting ahead. Life is only a matter of preparation. It’s better to be prepared than to feel sorry in the end.

In terms of insurance, there’s a variety of insurance  that you can avail from any insurance company like  Don Allred Insurance which was established in 1977. Although the monthly premium may cut off some other home or personal expenses that you may currently have, but telling you, all your sacrifices are worth doing.

Oct 252013

This post brought to you by Insurance Hunter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Safety is only a short word but some people hardly find it to understand or to follow. It should be everyone’s primary priority especially when driving a car heading to wherever the destination.

In Canada, before a person allows to drive he/she must undergo all the proceedings. I became familiarized with their driving rules when I decided to have a self-review prior taking the knowledge test and prior taking the road tests. The licensing procedure here is very strict, however, I appreciate it as it is only for our own safety. Drivers have a lot of risk while on the road. But by simply following the rules, road signs, and driving tips accidents can be avoided.

Recently, I have read the driving tips posted on the Insurance Hunter website, written by Scott Marshall- a Director of Training for Young Drivers of Canada. His tips revitalize my driving lessons. Having a passenger like my two little kiddos who wants to sit beside the driver and often whine is honestly a frustrating scenario. So where exactly to put the kids?

Where to Put the Kids

Like us who have two little kiddos, it is very important to let the kids sit in the back seat. According to Mr. Scott, the middle of the back seat is the safest sit for a child. Everywhere I am sure it won’t surprise you that you have seen many drivers who let the kids sit beside them. But that’s definitely a big mistake to do while driving. Why? It is dangerous especially when the airbag deploys.

Hopefully, all the drivers must think of safety when hitting the road. They must follow the rules and take the road signs seriously at all times. As you know tips are also quite helpful. For you to know the rest of the precious tips I have read, please visit the following links found below. And before I will maneuver the steering wheel to drop my kids to school, I am inviting you to head to Insurance Hunter website and check what’s new. Who knows, you might grasp the best auto insurance deal in town that you haven’t had before.

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