Jun 152015
outdoor plants

Husband and I both love plants. As the summer’s spirit has started drifting in then time to get the balcony ready for the official arrival of summer season. We are just super excited if what life lies this summer.

In BC we have  started feeling the hotness already since last month. I can tell that every year is really different. Last year, as I remember, by spring season like this moment there was a lot of rain pouring into my footsteps while I was taking the kids to school. However, this year is converse and we are happy for the change.  I don’t know about the other people if the feeling is alike.


Getting the Balcony Ready

A few days ago we went to the nearby store to purchase some plants to place to our humble balcony. Our balcony gets life only during summer and the rest of the season it has been neglected. Well, I am pretty sure you know why folks.  Continue reading »

Apr 292015

Inspires to plant, but there’s no piece of land to start planting? You are not alone folks! Nowadays, we don’t necessarily need to own a land or yard to enjoy the spirit of planting. If you are living in a high-rise apartment which usually has just a small patio to only house small stuffs such as table and a couple of chairs, and even hardly to accommodate the barbecue that we so love to do during summer time, then, gardening or planting the thing that you are enthusiast could be hampered.

However, in some point, there are several remedies to bring planting alive despite of the limited space. We just have to be creative. And thanks to the genius people who bring the usefulness of magnets to the pots. Look at the magnetic pots below. Don’t they give you some insights?


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Jun 242014

I am happy to say that after eying for a sale bathroom rug for several days, I finally found today and purchased quickly before it will be run out. Well, aren’t these two in lovely color? The floral design I placed it in our bathroom while the other multi-color in the kids’ bathroom.

Bath Rug Deal

 And how much is the cost for each rug? From $29.99 it turned $14.99 which is for me a pretty good shopping deal. It is just about time to spend something as a replacement for our old rugs. Btw, I found this at the store having a red circle logo, and within that big circle, there are two more circles inside in two different colors. So can you guess? Hehehe



Apr 012014

Homeowners who work with custom deck builders love that they can get help to build a unique and stable addition to their home. When you work with a custom builder, you consult with your contractor to create a design and style that matches your home perfectly.

People choose custom decks for a variety of reasons. When you work closely with a custom contractor, your deck comes with several benefits in regards to durability and aesthetics. Continue reading »