Mar 102012
My daughter has been suffering her allergy for about a month. I have not decided yet to bring her to the doctor right away because in the first place I have her prescription from the previous doctor (her doctor in Cebu). I just bought the medicine on the prescription but sad to tell that it doesn’t work anymore on her. What I did I visit the ENT doctor referred by a friend then there another experiment started.
The doctor was about 60+ age but she’s still good. In fact she’s also an ophthalmologist and I am so impressed. On our first visit she prescribed my daughter a nasal spray and other oral medication. Then we need to go back for her follow-up check-up. On the next doctor’s visit we received another prescription for my little daughter. Before heading home we dropped by first at the pharmacy to get what being prescribes. Then there I found out how expensive her medicine and how it’s hurting and my pocket so bad. Well, anyway the most important thing is my daughter’s health that she’ll get over with her current health condition. It’s hurting me bad seeing my children being sick.
Feb 222011
Before, I was awake most of the time at night doing my online errands. We know being up late can cause eye bags that would lead us a big problem, especially to the part of the women. In my case, during my sleepless nights I make sure that I can get enough sleep during the day. I turned day as my night and night as my day. Although I get 8 hours of sleep during day time, still I feel that uneasiness, tiresome and the annoying eye bags under my eyes. Well, who do you think of us likes to see the eye bags bulging under our eyes? I think nobody, right? Anyway, when it comes to eye bags problem there are lots of options on how to get rid of that unwanted thing. One is through home remedies if you are aware if what are those. Second is through under going a surgery, and three is applying some products to make it lighter. If you will look around the store where you are right now I’m sure you can get something as its remedy.

Jun 132010
Sometimes we can’t avoid stress specially if so busy with work loads. Actually there are numerous tips and ways to fight stress but in my case taking this vitamin or 1 Stresstabs a day is such a big factor for fighting my stressful life.

Well, have you started taking it?