Dec 242011

It is now hours til Christmas. Are you excited? Hmmm…Kids here at home are so anxious about Christmas especially the receiving of gifts from Santa. Almost every day they ask me if when Santa is coming to give away their gifts. As a mom I just smile because of how innocent tot’s minds think.

Christmas is the time for giving and sharing to one another. But hopefully not only that moment is a time to share instead people would make it everyday. Anyway, speaking of gifts, have you received yours already? Wanna share if what did you get? For me just two weeks ago I decided to buy personal gift simply as a souvenir.

To anyone out there, from my home to yours Merry Xmas and may its spirit will shower into your heart.

Dec 102011

My children’s preschool will be having soon a Christmas party. As part of it they are required to contribute 150 pesos or $3.5 for the food and drinks and that limits to 2 companions per student which is not bad. In the last preschool where son was attended I remember they had their Christmas party held at Crown Regency Lapu-Lapu function hall and the contribution was 500.00 pesos per companion. It was great though since hubby and I witness the whole event. Of course son had fun as well especially Santa Clause gave him a gift. lol.

For this coming party the students will be having their exchange gift with the minimum of 50 pesos content and that excludes the amount of the wrapper. Hmmm… What can I buy in that amount nowadays? I think I need to go to Novo or Unitop. lol!

Dec 092011

How old is my husband? Well that’s your work to research! All I can say is that only his age is getting older but his heart remains as young as mine. Oh really? Am I really young? Yes for sure and that’s what I truly feel by now. lol!

An addition to hubby’s age simply means that another blessings to be thankful and celebrate with.

To my dear husband, from the bottom of my heart I love you very much!