Dec 032013

 As soon as the kids have first noticed Santa’s presence inside the Santa Land of Coquitlam Centre, they begged for me to fall in line with the crowd so they can see Santa early. I took these photos on the third week of November but I was just too lazy to post. The worm pushes me hard today that it made these images appear here. I need a bit heavy inspirational verses to awaken my on coma senses.

These snapshots took me time to capture them in a row. But finally I did able to do it. Kudos to these guys!

Santa Land Coquitlam



Nov 012013
This year’s Halloween trick-or-treating event was another remarkable moment for our children as they participated once again. Like last year, they had it at the Coquitlam Centre Mall and they had a blast. Many parents brought their children to experience the spirit of Halloween. Actually I was hesitant to take the kids to the mall yesterday because of the heavy rain, however hubby convinced me to get off my butt from the couch for a while so there I made my two trick or treaters bucket instantly, about 30 minutes prior heading the road.

This year, the kids bucket wasn’t that even filled one half of their treats, maybe because only few stores participated compared to last year. Besides that, we arrived at the mall late and the trick or treaters were given only one hour to do their thing. Our kids were so exhausted rushing to every stall in the mall, that have caused my daughter decided to go home even not done visiting all the participating stores. Hmm…I know she was just excited to taste the stuff in her bucket; in fact, while doing the trick or treating she was munching her treats that made her mouth so dirty due to the colorful bubble gums. She is really a smart cookie, she was having some of her treats at the mall because once they get home their treats will be all disappear, as I am going to hide them all which I really did.


Below are some of the photos I took during the event and as usual they complain about me taking pictures of themselves.



This (image above) was taken at Purdys, they treat their treaters with one tiny round chocolate each.


While walking son kept looking the stuff he got in his bucket. lol!
Our day ended with a joyful experience that my kids could share with their friends or to anyone. Although it’s still almost a year to go, yet I can’t stop thinking of the next Halloween trick-or treating especially the  Halloween costume for my kids to be worn.


So how your kids’ trick or treating went? Did you let them keep their treats on their own or you keep them yourself (I’m referring to the candies as the usual treat they got)?


Jan 022012
Party, party, party! That is what we did starting 3rd week of the month of December till the very first day of January. The kids had so much fun with games and receiving gifts. During daughter’s school Christmas party they also performed on stage like dancing and singing. She enjoyed what she did indeed, and I’m so happy to see that my 3 year old daughter is now participating in school activities.

Anyhow, I’d like to share with you the photo I captured while they’re singing a Christmas song on stage with the group.

She instantly covered her face with the star when I hurriedly click the camera button. Sorry mom you’re so slow. lol!