May 262017

What I have learnt from my continuous self-improvement is that “Don’t be Afraid to Fail.” According to many great renowned successful people, failure is part of the learning journey. If you failed 7 times, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to quit, instead keep going till you achieve whatever is your goal! Yes, it is tough and I know how it feels because I have been there immensely; however, if you give up, especially when you are almost at the edge of the term success you just prove to yourself as a quitter. Don’t quit! It is like when you have the passion to sing but you have a very terrible voice. Basically, there are several strategies how to improve it; taking voice lessons or keep practicing at home are just few examples. In the market, you can buy software music like from Therefore, there is always a solution to every tough times where human being has been going through, so there is no reason to quit folks.

Sep 202015

It’s been a while since I would like to share about my observation to some of the new drivers here in BC but I just got the inspiring time to do so.

BC New Driver

As a new driver who just passed the road test in British Columbia you are required to put the N sign for Novice behind your vehicle before hitting the road. That is for showing other drivers  that you are a beginner. I am pretty sure there’s nothing to be ashamed of being in that level, a novice. The reality is, all old drivers were in that level before they reach to their respective higher status.

My question now is this, why some N drivers improperly placed their N sign on the surface of their car as you can see in the image below? Don’t they really recognize what the letter is  they received from the ICBC office? Come on smart people, you tell me!


BC New Driver


A conversation between me and my husband while we were on the road following a car with N sign behind his car but improperly displayed, so it appears  Z not N.

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Apr 042015

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Mar 192015

I have posted earlier the home reading program with a reward system that I exerted for our kids.  Our 7 year old son just completed his 50th book a few days ago, so as what I have promised to them, I am going to give their picked reward once they fulfilled what has been required by the implemented home reading program. They are both so excited for the final day!

We just went to the closest bookstore and purchased the prize for our son. And here he is holding his chosen item.

Home Reading Program


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