Jun 212012
I was so excited when I made a post regarding my first Ebay online. It was the 1-2-3 Magic and a way far from Australia. I pay the order through Paypal and the posting took a week which appeared weird to me as I knew that it would appear only 2-3 days once the payment is complete. It was my first online purchase so I felt a bit alarmed. 

I emailed the seller about that experience and he told me that it was due to system error which I just considered, besides I have no choice the payment has done. Upon weeks of waiting for my book to be ship, it took 2 weeks and the more I became unhappy and worried of my money. I contacted again the seller and he told me that their schedule of shipping is every 28th of the month. I just said to myself Grrrrr……
Then one day upon checking again the status it says sent and there’s a message that its arrival would take 8-15 days. So the buyer waited for that long and when that awaited time has come there’s no book delivered. I hurriedly emailed the seller again, and what he response was an apology for what happened and because of that the money has refunded. Well, is just like that? The worst is the money won’t be back to my PayPal account as quickly as possible. Based on my research, refunds would take a month. Waaaaaaahh. What an odd experience on Ebay! The question now, would I do it again? Hmmm… that’s the question that I don’t know what to answer.