Jan 052013
Last Christmas was just another passing moment of anyone’s life. I hope it had brought you memorable times that you could cherish no matter where you go in this wonderful world. Did you receive any Christian gifts so far on Christmas?
Based on my observation, people nowadays are up to buying high tech gadgets for gifts. I remember during my childhood days people think about simple things like for example, prayer keychain, angel pin, holy cross and so different Christian stuffs. And you know what the reaction of the receiver? They were so grateful and honored, and no words can express how happy they were for receiving such meaningful gift. I hope all people these days are the same as before, contented and happy even just small things.
Wherever I go online as Christmas was approaching, I read many people hoped for gifts such as laptop, iPhone, iPad, LCD TV, digital cameras and so on. So what can you say about this? As the technology keeps evolving and more innovations are keep on coming out in the market, people wonder and craved for more and more. I feel that less people have the thought of giving Christian gifts on Christmas in these recent times.
So would you mind sharing with me what gift you got last Christmas? I will open my ears wide to hear you whispering to me right now. For this 2013, I am into the plan of giving necklace with vision angel pendant to my children as my Christian Gifts for Christmas. As a mom I want them to practice valuing little things but with full of meaning to life.
Folks, if you are into place where Christians get connected and meet I saw God’s Faithbook Store as one of them. Have you ever heard about it?
Dec 202012
We bought a pre-built gingerbread house kit at Costco for the kids to work on. Its cost is pretty cheap $6.99 + tax compared to the first store where we saw it almost $20.00. The kids were bugged me the first time they saw it, so wish granted that we found a cheaper one. 
After we had our dinner they started the decoration of the gingerbread house. They were so excited! My son wanted to eat a piece but I refused, he can have all of it after Christmas only. lol! 

The making was fun and they really can’t resist not to have some of the beads. heheheh. They work and eat at the same time.

(Above) The result of the hard-work, 0ur tiny gingerbread house with a tiny Christmas tree outside.

We all have fun and the stuff is so cute!

 Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all will be having extraordinary holiday experience before the New Year arise.

Jan 022012
Party, party, party! That is what we did starting 3rd week of the month of December till the very first day of January. The kids had so much fun with games and receiving gifts. During daughter’s school Christmas party they also performed on stage like dancing and singing. She enjoyed what she did indeed, and I’m so happy to see that my 3 year old daughter is now participating in school activities.

Anyhow, I’d like to share with you the photo I captured while they’re singing a Christmas song on stage with the group.

She instantly covered her face with the star when I hurriedly click the camera button. Sorry mom you’re so slow. lol!


Dec 242011

It is now hours til Christmas. Are you excited? Hmmm…Kids here at home are so anxious about Christmas especially the receiving of gifts from Santa. Almost every day they ask me if when Santa is coming to give away their gifts. As a mom I just smile because of how innocent tot’s minds think.

Christmas is the time for giving and sharing to one another. But hopefully not only that moment is a time to share instead people would make it everyday. Anyway, speaking of gifts, have you received yours already? Wanna share if what did you get? For me just two weeks ago I decided to buy personal gift simply as a souvenir.

To anyone out there, from my home to yours Merry Xmas and may its spirit will shower into your heart.