Feb 042015

Blogger Opportunities


It’s drawing close to time for our THIRD annual Ultimate Baby Shower Event!  Blogger sign ups are open from Jan 30th-Feb 15th, 2015.

We do this as a lot of companies that we pitch for this event want to know how many bloggers are participating, so we can give them an accurate number.

Thus far we have, for prizes:

Convertible Baby Bed arv: $799

Changing Table arv: $299

Dresser arv: $199

Various Room Decor (will have to add up the total ARV on the decor once it’s all in.)

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Jul 152014

Are you excited for this back to school tech-style giveaway? Remember folks, it has 21 lucky winners, so not only 2 or 3! You better grab your chances of winning now by joining in this giveaway, who knows, you’ll be the lucky one among those lucky individuals.

Summer is here, but pretty soon it will be over and the kids will be back to its usual daily routine as a student. Definitely, the prices here are very useful or the students. So what are you waiting guys? Let the ball start rolling now!  Continue reading »

Nov 262013

Momsdrive Villa has finally moved to WordPress after the thorough evaluation. This is now my 3rd blog that I personally relocated from Blogger and I think there’s another coming soon, I am not 100% sure yet. Blogging is just addicting. I am addicted of earning a penny. I had thought my blogging journey would soon come to an end, but what’s happening lately seems blurry to reach that point.

Now that this blog has placed in a new house, I am working on the major changes especially the images and the text formatting in which most of my post were ruined. Imagining of the 300 posts that needs to be edited makes me so tired already. Well, I just need to divide my time accordingly and utilize every minute of the clock.