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Hello! Bonjour! Kumusta?

I am Jovelen, a stay at home mother who is under the zodiac sign of Gemini, a very typical one to say.  I have two beautiful children and writing is my passion. My blogs are my hideout when I need time to express my feelings when no one is there for me to personally listen. Of course I’d love to share also my knowledge based on what I experience, read and seen.

Aside from blogging, I love to do window shopping, reading inspirational, health, business books, and home related magazines. Watching movies will become only a part of me when boredom has entered into my so crooked veins and if there’s no other way to entertain myself. I am very aware that as an ordinary human who became a mom, I need tons and tons of folders zipped that I need to unzip, meaning to learn. Regardless of my womanhood capacity and weaknesses, of course I need to be respected, loved and accepted.

Folks, thanks for reading and please keep coming back. If you got time, don’t leave my page without hammering your inspiring comments. Telling you, I love to read those!




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